New kits that have been earned by the team members have been circulating in public last week to favourable reviews.  I think they really look sharp and there’s pride in wearing it.

Practice attendance has been really stellar the past week, and the infusion of our newest members have given everyone a boost.  Here are a couple reminders to the new and old members alike.  Please remember to bring front and rear lights that are fully charged.  Remember to bring a spare tube.  If you don’t have one, we can sell you one at our cost which is $3.  Please ensure you have a spare jacket vest, or outer layer.  The temperatures can drop quickly once the sun sets so don’t be caught without adequate clothing.  Speaking of adequate clothing, it’s also imperative that your base layer is NOT cotton.  As Ignacio quite rightly points out; ‘cotton kills’ especially in cold weather.

We are coming out of a rest week for many of us, so be prepared to work hard.  We are building up for the Cactus Cup on March 12-14.  Please let either Ignacio or myself know if you would like to attend this mountain bike stage race as we would like to register the team ASAP.

Lastly, this is another reminder that Bike Club is well underway with the kids from Manzo Elementary School.  We need team members to volunteer a minimum of 3 times.  Here is the schedule for Bike Club.

Here is our practice schedule this week;