This SUNDAY February 7th from 1pm to 3 pm.


Team Presentation


All Senior Programming Youth are expected to attend and arrive at 12:30 pm at the latest. Please dress in your “Sunday School Best”.


In normal times this would be our sponsor appreciation event. This would be a chance for us an organization to thank the wonderful folks who support us and to give them the first look at our new kits. This would be the time for many of the community members who support us at the next level to get to meet some of the riders and here directly from them. It is also a time for parents to enjoy watching their kids be wonderfully acknowledged.


Of course this years event will feel and be diffirent but we still want to honor the moment and thank our sponsors.


We would like to have all riders and families present and we will do our very best to create a safe environment.


The event will be outside and everyone will be mandated to have proper face coverings.


All members of Bike Packing and Race team are being asked to attend.


As well all Senior youth are being required to write a one paragraph statement about: How EL Grupo has impacted you during Covid times?


We are asking that these essays be delivered to Ignacio or Gord no later than Thursday afternoon, so that we can have time to compile them for the event.


New Opportunities 

Chiracahua Camp Out 


This trip will be a team trip, in that all race team members will be invited.
The trip will be FROM Friday 19th – Sunday 21st.. This is a change from what I posted on the blog, as I have heard this works better for some.
The Team camp area will be on Pinary Canyon Road at a dispersed site. This means that no facilities are available, no water or bathrooms. We will camp in the same spot the two nights.
Youth will be encouraged to arrive on Friday night to enjoy the beautiful camp area.
Depart from camp will be late afternoon, approx. 3-4 pm which would have us back in town at approx. 6:30 –7pm to Tucson.
Food will be provided for Friday Dinner, Saturday 3 meals and snacks, and Sunday 2 meals and snacks.
My proposed camp spot is roughly here:
The drive to camp takes approx 2.5 hours, but that is at my speed, so likely shorter for most folks.
Health Protocols
Covid Test that shows negative results within 72 hours of the trip
         Please post test do your best to quarantine to ensure results
If you have been vaccinated that will suffice as long as you can show proof
No sharing of tents- unless from the same household
All participants will bring their own eating supplies, bowl, plate and utensil
Since we are outside we can do a very mindful job of giving each other space, but masks will be at the ready.
Food will served and prepared by only two people per meal
Family Planning 
The Chiracahua National Monument is just down the street from where we will be camping and has structured camp spots and excellent hiking.
This could be a great option for families who want to drop off their kids and enjoy the weekend at the park.
Information for the park can be found here:
This trip is best suited for those that have a gravel bike, but of course it can be ridden on a mountain bike as well. 
The intent of this trip is to enjoy another beautiful corner of our state while wonderfully challenging ourselves.
El Grupo will be providing food for the trip, so there is no extra cost for this.
I have been allowed the use of a van and trailer. I would be comfortable with 7 kids in a van. This would allow for only 2 kids per bench seat, plus one in the front seat. Masks would be absolutely mandatory in the van, as is a negative test. Please be very clear if you will need a ride. Also since I will have the trailer I can help transport bikes for those families that need that help.
Ride Distances
We will ride both Saturday and Sunday.
Each day is an out and back type ride.
The rides are very demanding and difficult and are best suited to gravel bikes.
What that means is that you do not have to do the 80 miles on each day. You can turn around and make it as long as you like.
I want to make that clear so that riders know they have options and can choose distances that work for them.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or suggestions especially about how to make this a safe trip.
I would like to have confirmation  by February 15th so that I may start to plan meals and logistics.



Cactus Cup Mountain Bike Stage Race


We are wanting to make this a great team trip. Please acknowledge the dates and put it in your calanders. More information to come next week, however wanted to get this out.


March 12-14th

Phoenix, Arizona

McDowell Mountain Park