The weather may have presented its challenges, but the Team fought through the elements and had a wonderful race weekend up in Phoenix for the Cactus Cup.  It was the first camp/race program for quite some time and all said, we came away with new experiences and friendships.  We had many first time racers and the help, guidance and support of the more experienced riders was inspirational.  Thanks once again to Ignacio, Daniela for the seamless organization.  Nona and Tatone (Rosemary and Michael) once again fed us well, while parents Ken, Steve, Chris and Jim all pitched in.  Good to see Sean, Jessica and little Declan cruising around too.

This week’s practice will be prioritizing fun and team camaraderie starting with a visit to popular Barrio Trails tomorrow.  We are looking ahead to some more race opportunities with a great MBAA race in Prescott on April 10th, so let’s keep that momentum going.

Don’t forget that we need volunteers to help Colter and Nathaniel with Bike Club.  Here is the sign up for helping;

Here is the practice schedule.  Note that the Saturday rides are 30 minutes earlier now.