It’s definitely starting to look like spring is winding down and summer just around the corner.  Temperatures are heating up and with it the need to start hydrating properly before coming to practice.  The days are getting longer so we feel that lights are no longer needed for mid week practices.  Of course, if you are riding home from practice and the commute pushes into darkness then keep them on your bike.  We want to reclaim lights issued to everyone, so if you have team lights please return them.

Coming up April 9-10 is the MBAA race in Prescott.  We will have a good contingent going.  Note that registration is on your own for this event.  Later, on April 18 is the ever fun and popular El Grupo Scavenger Hunt.  We want to see as many team and family members as possible for this event.  Details are here;

Last quarter of school, stay strong; be mindful and safe as you enter school again. Please know that your actions at school will directly contribute to the health and safety of your teammates and family.

Don’t forget that we still need volunteers to help Nathaniel and Colter at BikeClub on Mondays and Fridays.  Here is the sign up for this truly rewarding experience.  If you haven’t attended yet, please do so.

Here is the practice schedule this week.