I hope everyone had a nice off week and have your schoolwork where you want it.  We will resume practices this week as normal with evening times.  Cross training returns on Thursdays for everyone except the crew that are looking ahead to mountain bike nationals in July.

Saturdays are continuing to enjoy good participation despite the early start times.  Once school has finished, look for most practice times to move to early morning.  Here are some pics by Resul Kurtbedin Photography from the bigboy Shootout last Saturday.


Summer Bike Camp is coming up in June.  We will have staff training for all the new team members that have not participated in this wonderful program before.  Mark down either June 1st or 3rd   (1pm-3pm) to help get you oriented.  Even if you’ve worked camp before, it’s always a good idea to get re-oriented with your roles.

Our garage sale is this Sunday at the clubhouse from 8am until 11am.   You may have seen flyers posted around town.  We have many cruiser and low end mountain bikes for sale; perfect for getting around town or to school.  We also have many items of clothing, shoes, and helmets.  You’ll never know what you may find digging through our stash of items.  Spread the word to friends and family. Thanks to all the donations over the years as this makes programming possible.

Here’s a look at the remaining practices for the month of May;