Flagstaff hosted the last round of this spring’s MBAA races and once again the team had great representation, results and experiences.  Results in respective categories include; 1st Axel; 2nd– Damiano; 3rd– Alex and Jorah; 4th– Taryn and Tomas; 5th– Maggie;6th- Olivia; 8th– William; 10th– Liam and big should for another 10th place in her very first mountain bike race for Katrina!  It was great to see Tomas’ younger sisters and Grupito riders; Sofia and Melanie also compete with a big team Grupo cheering section to help inspire. Thanks to Ignacio and Daniela for quarterbacking another awesome weekend and to the parents that helped out, especially to Jason for bringing the fire pit!

This weekend is the last MTB race of the season in Prescott. It is the State Championship race. Information can be found here, www.mbaa.net  .Those going to the race need to contact Ignacio. The van will be leaving the clubhouse at 9am on Friday and returning on Sunday at approx. 6pm.

The training schedule and practices are laid out with great intent and thought. We would love for every youth to be able to commit to every one. However we also want well rounded youth. So please do your best to commit to the program and have the best attendance you can.

I want to highlight Thursdays and really encourage great attendance on our cross training day. We have a certified instructor coming to lead these workouts and it is a great way for the youth to learn about their bodies and to build strength. It also allows for kids of different riding groups to work out together thus giving them a chance to get to know each other.

Great to see that Summer Bike Camp is now full for 2021.  We are looking forward to team members giving back and instructing the young campers the lessons that they themselves have learned from years in Grupito and Team Grupo.  We are especially excited for those team members staffing for the very first time. Please remember to consult the Summer Bike Camp work schedule to see when we are hoping to have your youth involved. If you could please tell us if your week assignment works, that would be super helpful. Also please let us know if you want to work multiple weeks.

Congratulations to Nick and Evan for EARNING their “new” team Jerseys. Ask them how they earned them if you get the chance.

School is winding down and we understand the demands of this time of year.  Hopefully practice is that mental break and re-fresh you need to help tackle the extra scholastic work.

Lastly, we have some newly designed T-shirts and socks available.  Sizes are limited with the shirts, but prices are $10 for team members and $22 for non team members.  Socks are $5 for team and $15 for non team.

Here is the practice schedule for the next few weeks;