Thanks for all those that attended our little garage sale.  We were able to tidy up around the clubhouse and unload some great items that we just can’t use with the team.  We continue to rely on the generosity of the Tucson (and beyond) cycling community which is responsible for almost 90% of the bikes and clothing we use.   The proceeds of the sale go directly into team programming and will benefit the team greatly as summer commences.

This week is the last week for after school practices.  We hope everyone is excited to finish off the school year strong.   Summer means that Bike Camp is fast approaching and everyone is tasked with staffing this incredible initiative.  Don’t forget that there’s an obligatory staff training session either on the 1st or 3rd of June.  Pick whichever is most convenient for you.

We would like to invite all current team members to congratulate our graduating riders.   The celebration is on the 3rd of June from 6-8pm at the clubhouse.   Some graduates came through our Grupito program and up through Team Grupo.  A special mention to Eve Yockey who was even part of the very first Grupito class!  We hope that the bike will always serve an important role for our graduates as they enter new chapters of their lives.

Optimism is high that racing will pick back up throughout the summer and fall seasons.  A big casualty for us as an organization last fall was the cancellation of the interscholastic race season known widely as NICA.  This past weekend I attended the newly re-branded Arizona Cycling Association summit for team leaders.  Many topics were discussed and there’s confidence that NICA racing will resume this September.  It was amazing to see the scope and reach of the league.  I was especially happy to meet an old racing colleague, Scott Nydam who now is the president of the Silver Stallion non profit at


We expect that all team members will be excited and will register to race NICA this fall.  This is the very best and fun entry into team oriented racing.  Look for a special NICA meeting for all team members and parents in the coming weeks.  We want to continue a tremendous tradition of success and camaraderie that the NICA race season uniquely offers.

Practices are going well and we still would like to see continued and improved attendance from team members and volunteers.  Saturday in particular was well attended and a shout out to Axel Biederman for winning his first bigboy Shootout after a great leadout from Myles (who won the week before!!).

Here is this week’s practice;