June will be a busy month as Summer Bike Camp is starting.  This important program serves many purposes.  It primarily is a great service to the community as families need a place to keep kids engaged and occupied while school is out.  Our camp once again is sold out and the popularity is only growing.  It’s here that often kids get a taste of how wonderful the bike is by giving a sense of freedom, adventure and camaraderie with other kids at the camp.

Just as important is the role our Team El Grupo and BikePacking members have with all the youngsters.  It’s one thing for an adult to instruct these impressionable youth, but it’s all together another level the impact our teenagers in senior programming can have on them.  It’s this giving back that completes the circle of youth development here at El Grupo.  Many team members had their start by attending Bike Camp, then Grupito and on to senior programs.  They will be perfectly placed to apply all the lessons learned themselves over their tenure to the newcomers.

Cross Training is the priority during the three weeks of camp and we’re hoping for everyone to show up early Tuesday and Thursday mornings for the 6am-6:45am sessions with Coach Daniela.   This is open of course to those staffing the day afterwards but just as welcome to all team members who aren’t working Bike Camp that day.  Please ensure you’re;


-Wearing appropriate attire including running shoes

-On time ready to go at 6am

-Not overly full from breakfast

If you are working Bike Camp after cross training it’s best to bring a second set of clothes to ride in and something to snack on before camp starts.  Don’t forget we will have Wednesday evening shortrack mountain bike fun for the next three weeks at 5pm.

Here is the practice schedule for this week;


Here are some more great pictures taken on Saturday by Resul Kurtbedin.  Thank you for getting these great images and sharing them with us, Russ!