We had a fantastic Week 1 of Summer Bike Camp with incredible experiences for the kids, the staff and of course our Team El Grupo members acting as junior counselors.  Week 2 promises much of the same.  We will meet Monday at 6:45am for the extra preparation entailed in welcoming all the new faces for their week of fun.  All other days back to our normal 7am arrival for 7:15am workday start.

Temperatures will be higher then last week so plan accordingly.  Here are some great words/notes from Coach Ignacio.

Summer Bike Camp

We have done this before. We have been here before. This will not even be the hottest week ever of Bike Camp. Yes it’s hot. But we are of the desert and we can handle this. This will just be another chance for us to practice our preparedness skills.

Bring plenty of water to camp.Stay hydrated all day, before and after camp.

Take a nap after camp and get to bed early.

Dress appropriately for camp and keep your skin covered.

Be mindful of the places you take campers and take a few more breaks this week.

If we do these things we will yet again have a great week.

Week 1 was a smashing success and I truly appreciate every one of you that I had the opportunity to work with. If we keep up the same incredibly high level of engagement with our campers we will again have a brilliant week.

Team Workouts

Kudos to every one of you who showed up with spirit and purpose at the workouts. You find out a lot about yourself when the weather and situations are not perfect. To all of you who had the courage to show up in the early morning and the heat, a huge Kudos to all of you. Your ability to battle will take you far in life. Daniela personally thanks all of you for sharing your great energy and work ethic.

Who you are, is who you are, when no one is looking.

This week we have Tuesday and Thursday workouts in the morning before camp and we have MTB short track races in the evening on Wednesday. We have a strong crew heading to MTB nationals later in July so let’s help them get ready by racing with them and wonderfully pushing them.

Here is the latest practice schedule;


Here are some latest shootout pics from Resul Kurtbedin.