8 Weeks till the first NICA race in Flagstaff.


I hope that is exciting news for everyone.


I know that Gord has sent you all emails in regards to signing up. Please follow the steps and get yourselves signed up in the Pit Zone web site.


As well please feel encouraged to speak with me, Ignacio, in regards to what category you are excited to race in. We have 2 more weeks to petition for a category change if you feel you would like to. I certainly have ideas for what categories I believe are best for most of you, so please ask.


The next month I want everyone to focus on CONSISTENCY. This is the start of new season right now and we want to establish good habits right now. We want to create a team through shared experiences, so please we really want to see everyone coming as much as they can. The more we ride together and hang out together the stronger our commraderie is.


Over the next month the training plan calls for consistent endurance riding. We are going to focus on building endurance through commitment and discipline.


Wednesday of this week, TOMORROW, we are going to go Mountain Biking. We will leave the clubhouse at 6:30 am for a two hour ride. Upon return we are going to head to Catalina Park, the splash pad park, and we are going to do a 20 min cross training work out. So practice will be 3 hours long.


Thursday we will head out for another road ride also starting at 6:30am.


Saturday we are back out with the group rides.

Old Man Starts at 5:45am

Big Kid starts at 6 am.

Valentine B ride start at 6:30 am.