This is still the calm before the storm. We have a solid fall racing campain before us and we are just about to be in over our heads. So stay calm, get school under control, find your rythm within your daily flow and be prepared for the fun to come.


To help get everyone on the same page we are asking for everyone families and riders to attend a TEAM MEETING on the 24th of August.




As you saw in the previous post we have races coming up just next weekend. The 28th and 29th. We will be able to transport everyone to the races and we really want to encourage everyone to participate. We will post detailed information next week, so everyone can make plans and please look at the previous post for the links with more information.


Its ok if you have never done a race, or that you have just started to train with us. Just get in there and do your best. It will all be part of the learning process and we all have to start somewhere.


At the meeting we will hand out a schedule of the races this fall.


We race because it is a wonderful format that allows us a chance to really push ourselves to our limits to find out who we can be. Its a chance to challenge ourselves to the fullest. Thats why we race, it is a place to ask even more of ourselves in such a way that we discover new things about ourselves.


To prepare for these races we have intentionally set up the training plan and practices to have us ready for them.


This week is another week of base and cross training. We are building enduracne and strength right now.


We really hope to have everyone put in a super solid week, the training plan only works if you stay true to it and consistent. As well this weekend we have a Sunday ride planned and would love to have wonderful attendance especially from our newer riders. The Sunday MTB riders are certainly where you get a chance to ride in different areas and really makes mountain biking more fun. We hope to take you all to McKenzie Ranch.