Team programming is Rain or shine during the week.


If it rains we can do all sorts of things and we like to have continuity in programming.


Over the weekends if we get rained out that is what it is and we will use this platform to let you know.




Races always have many stories. In fact each racer has a unique story and something to tell.


In fact this is even more true in junior racing because they are not refined athletes with established characters. They are young people discovering who they can  be and using the platform of racing to challenge themselves to learn such.


As coaches its our job to give them the courage to try and the safe place to practice self trust and respect. That is why we race.


Well this weekend we found out that we have some amazing young people on our team.


2 Quick Stories

This is Lucy.


This was her second time on a road bike. She has ridden mountain bikes for years with Grupito and just moved up. She accepted the challenge of coming to the crit race.


On the first lap she was dropped. Not suprising as I am not totally sure she knows how to shift. She can handle a bike no problem but the Sram shifting has given her fits.


Now she gets dropped on the first lap  and immediately ends up in no persons land. She rides a few laps by herself trying hard and listening well as she passed me on the hill.


However after a few laps the 3rd place women was coming to pass her. I challenged Lucy to jump on this womens wheel and to hang on as long as she could.


Now she could easily have said no way, that girl is faster than me and she has already lapped me. She could given reasons not to accept the challenge.


However I had the delight of watching Lucy jump on the wheel of this women and hang on to her for over a lap of the course.


Lucy ultimately dropped but only because she was totally gassed.


I am so proud of the courage Lucy showed to go above and beyond what she thought was possible. She accepted the challenge of her coach and learned how to go all in on herself.


I am saying it now, watch our for the Lucy in the years to come, she has spirit.



This is Nick.


Nick has been with the team now for approx 6 months and has jumped into this with both feet.


But even wonderful motivation and eagerness do not eliminate self doubt.


Nick was terrified to race this weekend and the 3/4 race gave him chills.


I challenged him to give it a try as he has been clear with his intentions on this team.


Before the weekend he tried to talk his way out of it. I did not let him.


Before the first race of the day he tried to talk his way out of it. I did not let him.


After the first race of the day, I did not let him out of it.


He towed the line. He put himself out there and he has crushed a mental barrier.


I respected his fear. I did not ask him to hide from it. I just ask him not to run from it.


All he had to do was get to the line and the barrier would collapse.


Bravo Nick for trusting yourself and your coaches. You broke down that wall.




And there are more to tell