The Fun is just about to start. 

Congratulations everyone for making it through the toughest part of the season.
The base season before the fall racing season is the hardest part of the year. It is super hot, but we still need to put some time in. I appreciate everyone who did their best to have great attendance and who put the time in.
Now the fun part of the season comes.
For the next several weeks we are going to get to race our bikes and have fun showing off our hard work.
But before we do that we need to rest this week and let all the hard work soak in.
I would really appreciate top level attendance this week as we transition into race mode. When we all come to practice together we get to build the relationships that help support us through our ups and downs. We need to be supported by our teammates, friends, coaches and mentors. This is best done in, live, in person meetings. So let’s get together this week and really come together and get excited about the season to come.
To help get us all on the same page in regards to the season before us we are having a “mandatory” team meeting. This will be held outside to give folks space. We will go over the season of races, and when we might need some volunteer help.
At the meeting we will also go over logistics for this coming weekend of races.
Please remember to email Gord and Ignacio and let us know which races you would like to do.
Training Plan 
Transition week. This is a chance for us to practice some skills, rest a bit, and to get excited.
Tuesday– MTB relay races at Himmel
Wednesday– TT bike practice and recovery ride
Thursday– MTB relay races
Gord is asking that everyone sign up themselves,  however I imagine many of you will need help. Please feel free to ask. The team will reimburse you.
Saturday– TT Race San Manuel– only option
Sunday– CRIT race in San Manuel– only option