Sunday we enjoyed our second weekend excursion to ride the Arizona Trail in the southerly direction from the Gabe Zimmerman Trail Head.  The out and back route gave spectacular views and offered fast, flowy terrain; a perfect recipe to get ready for NICA.

It’s finally here.  After a year hiatus from the pandemic, we are on the brink of racing the NICA series again this weekend.  Our first event in Flagstaff should launch the series in style.  As a ‘South’ team, we will compete only on Sunday for the Northern races.  We plan to leave on Saturday at 9am sharp.  Don’t forget that all van occupants will need a mask.

We are really fortunate to have Shannon Scott (Myles and Daniel’s mother) volunteer to run the kitchen on site at the races.  She’s created a signup Genius to help coordinate the much needed and appreciated help in that area.

Here is the week of practices leading to this weekend’s NICA event.


I know this list was sent out by Coach Ignacio but I’ll add the packing list here;




Camping Stuff                                                            Hygiene 


Sleeping bag                                                    tooth brush

sleeping mat                                                    tooth paste

tent/ if you are not in the group tents                         sunscreen

headlamp                                                         hand towel/washcloth




The team has many tents, mats,                                              Camping Clothes  

and sleeping bags. Just ask for one.                                        Toque/ beanie/ winterhat

jeans/ pants                1

long sleeve shirts                       1

Riding Clothes                                                                            socks                       3

Team Jersey                 1                                                     wool socks                       2

High school  jersey                  1                                             bandana                        2

Base layer                    1                                                           t-shirts                        2

arm warmers                1                                                         rain coat                       1

vest/ riding jacket                    1                                           Sweatshirt                      1

long finger gloves                   1                                         under pants                      x

team /riding shorts                  2                                                Shorts                        1

helmet             1                                                               Team t-shirt                        1

sunglasses                    1                                                big warm jacket                     1

riding hat- optional

Bike shoes                   1

Wool Socks                 2                                                                Riding needs


2  spare tubes

Eating Stuffs                                                                                               cell phone                                                                                                                                                                                                   tire levers

insulated mug–YES               1                                              multi tool w/ chain tool

Pump or CO2


Always prepare for wet and cold


Bring extra clothes to stay very warm. If you get Cold your body has to “waste” energy trying to warm up. This is bad for racing, so bring enough to stay warm.

I will bring very large communal tents.

Leaving: 9am from Clubhouse Saturday

Return: Late on Sunday evening

HSMTB Rules: You must wear gloves and eye protection. You have to fix your own flats.