The Second race of the season is already here. They will come fast and quick for the next few weeks, so keep on top of everything at school and at home, because there is not much time in between.


With all the racing and traveling it is even more important than ever to have good time management skills and to stay on top of your responsibilities, you have time for everything, you just don’t have time to do anything. It is a funky paradox, point is, keep on top of your tasks, be mindful of your time management, and you have enough time.


We head back to Flagstaff this weekend for the second race at a brand new venue to NICA Arizona.


Parents we will again need your brilliant help to make everything work at camp so please sign up to help:


Venue Details

There is no water on site. We will need to drive in all our water for the weekend. Please parents if you are driving up, PLEASE bring as much water as you can. Also parents remember to have your rider bring a small towel so they can clean themselves up after they ride. It is a dusty mess at this particular location.


I have also been told that the camping area for this location is tighter than the last one. So again I will be driving up on Friday and securing our area and getting as much water as possible.


Vans will depart on Saturday at 9am.

Please arrive at 8:30am to pack up the trailers.

Masks are to be worn in the vans.

Bring a nutricious lunch with you to eat along the way.


Vans will depart on Sunday at 3:45-4pm after awards.

Please stay for awards to honor your teammates and your competitors.

Everyone should stay for awards.

We should return to Tucson by 8:30pm.

Please all families be prepared to help us upon return to clean out the trailers.

When we work together, we all get home faster.


Training Plan 

This being race week we need to sharpen the swords and get ready to race.

We do that by dialing down the volume but keeping the intensity.

This allows our body to rest but to stay sharp and fast.


Tuesday– MTB ride. Endurance. Keeping the skills sharp and the shred alive.

Wednesday– Endurance Road ride. Got to keep the legs moving and the body alive. If we take off we get stale.

Thursday– MTB with Hole Shots. Bring up the intensity and get things firing away.



Saturday– We depart for Flagstaff, so no weekend rides for our wonderful coaches who stay in town.