This was the mantra that I had with the team all weekend.


To be tough, you do not have to be strong.


To be tough, you do not have to be skilled.


To be tough, you do not need to be fast.


To be tough, you just have to respect yourself, and be willing to be your best.


This past weekend we were all asked to be tough in Flagstaff at the second of five NICA races.


The weather was cold, wet and muddy. Conditions that we desert folk are not too accustomed to.


However we were not special in the situation. Everyone at the venue was getting rained on and covered in mud. It was up to us how we reacted to it and dealt with.


We had a choice to make, a choice to be tough and to accept the challenge with a smile.


I could not be more proud of the team and how everyone took up the challenge.


It is events and races like these that create lifelong memories that teams are built around.


Teams are not thrown together, they are not happen stance, they are formulated like a great pasta sauce. They take time to slowly marinate with each other. Each story a new ingrediant into the pot. Every bit of adversity a new seasoning. Every challenge a  new flavor. Teams need to have time grow and mold around each other, and this team just had a special moment.


Yes, the results came, Second over all in the state, Three leaders Jersesy, and 9  podiums, but of course that is just like the bread swiping up the last of the sauce in bowl.


The real meal was the incredible determination and grit the riders showed.


And I should never forget that none of this happens without the amazing help of the parents, supporters and coaches. You are amazing peopel and deserve all the gratitude I can show. Thank you as the support is humbling and a true blessing.


It is events and races like this, where we all share the same challenge, that helps us understand each other and respect each other. From the youngest to the oldest we all can now understand each other with a new shared experience.




Since we go into the race weekends fresh we should not be too tired this week. Yes we are tired from the travel and the camping, but not from the physical hard work, expecially because for many of you the races are so short. Therefore we can put together a solid week of work that should prepare us to be even better next race. The real hard work will be your interval day either on Wednesday or Thursday, so please come to practice on your hard work day emotionally ready to be your best.


Tuesday– Clean MTB’s and get on a cruise. Before we leave to ride everyone is going to be asked to give their bikes a deep cleaning. They got smashed this weekend and they will need some love. Coaches please come ready to help and if you did not get to ride this weekend please come ready to help you teammates.


Wednesday– Big Work day. We should be rested from the weekend by now, and we want to be ready for the next race. Road Bikes.


Thursday– If you did the big work yesterday, then you will get to go on a MTB ride.

If you did not get to ride on Wednesday then I will have it all set you can get in some really quality work today.


Saturday– Road Bikes

Old Man 6:15am.

Big Kid 6:30 am

Valentin’s Ride 6:30 am


Sunday– MTB  6:15 am meet to pack trailers to get out to the trailhead.


If you can only make one weekend ride and Sunday works for you, please come on Sunday. This gives you more time in the dirt during MTB season.