We have one more NICA race to go.


I hope this puts wind in your sails and inspires you all to finish strong.


Thank you for another great weekend outside full of bikes, laughs, and maybe a bit too much sun.


Certainly want to take time to thank all of the coaches, volunteers and parents who came out to help. It takes the whole village.


I also want to take this time to thank Coach Gord for all his work and guidance over this last year a half. It has been a pleasure to work with him and of course educational. I am certainly happy to have had the opportunity to work along side him and wish him massive success at the next level.


Practices this week will solid for the High School racers.

Tuesday–MTB Endurance

Wednesday– OLD School Crit course races and intervals.

Thursday– MTB endurance

Saturday– Shoot Outs or the Phoenix Crit

‘Sunday– MTB — place TBD



For the middle school riders who have completed their seasons, they will be transitioning this week and really working on skills and the fundamentals.

Tuesday–MTB Skills. In the real dirt though, so come ready to dress out

Wednesday– Crit course fundamentals

Thursday– MTB Skills

Saturday– Road ride with Valentin and Crew

Sunday– Mtb– Place TBD



Manzo this week

Tuesday– Damiano, Mia, De La Huerta

Thursday– Lucy B and Tomas Salazar



I will write a post about this weekend and the NICA season later. I just wanted to ensure that we had the necessary information for everyone to enjoy the week.