Race Number 3– Prescott, Arizona.


After two races in Flagstaff we are headed to Prescott this time.


We are having an incredible season so far, with many of you in positions to win your categories and become state champions, and we have a team that it is in the hunt for a podium finish overall in the state.


Remember to make it to the state championship race you must race 3 of the 4 first races and be in the top half of your division. Also remember that the team points are scored by everyone. So having everyone present and racing their best is critical to the team overall.


These positions we find ourselves in are not from luck. You all have put in the time and have earned these accomplishments.


Its important we understand that luck is created. If you want good opportunities in life you need to put yourself in positions to make them available. No one is going to give you anything, however you can work hard and put yourself in positions to have chances.


I am very proud of the work you all have been putting in and I hope you all have the chance to capitalize on your hard work.


To capitalize on your work all you have to do is race proud and believe in yourself. Your goal should be to be the best version of you, that loves and respects yourself and rides like it. If you do that, well everything else is trivial.



Training Plan 

We need to ensure that we are rested and ready. These weeks before the races we ensure that our skills are on point and that we are excited.


Tuesday– Endurance day on the mountain bike.  We need to keep the skills fresh and the legs moving but we don’t need to go searching at this point.


Wednesday– Recovery road ride. This is to keep the legs moving and the body motivated. Just a nice spin with friends to unwind the day and dream about the race.


Thursday– Hole shots on the Moutnain bike. These are intense short efforts to wake the body up and to prepare it to race.



Saturday– Arrive at Clubhouse at 8:30 to load up.

Depart at 9am.