Just when we think things will slow down after NICA and we can all take a breath the fun keeps coming.


There will be a bunch of information in this post so please take your time and read through.


State Championship NICA MTB Race

November 6th and 7th

The race will be held in Sierra Vista on the military base. The course will  be similar to what we have raced in years past.

We will depart on Saturday morning at 9am.

All racing will happen on Sunday.

We should be able to be home by 5pm on Sunday.


All information for the race can be found here: https://arizonacycling.org/high-school-state-championships-wren-arena-fort-huachuca-november-7-2021/


All information in regards to start order can be found here: https://my.raceresult.com/184952/results


I will send out an email to all families with specifics for the weekend later today.


A few middle school riders have asked to join us on this trip. If you would like to do so, please let me know via email so we can properly account for you. If you do decide to come please be prepared to be very helpful in areas like the kitchen, helping around camp, and helping the league. I believe you will be able to pre-ride so come prepared for that as well.




After this last NICA race I will be asking all riders to hand in their high school team jerseys. Please have them washed and ready after the last race.



November 14th. 6am to 1pm. On 4th ave.


The swap meet is back on this year and we are helping out again as in years past. We run the Bike Valet service for GABA and then are allowed a free booth space.


All riders will be asked to volunteer for a shift or two. Volunteers help sell baked goods, jerseys, and generally tell folks about the team.


This is an initial call out to all families that we will need home made baked goods to sell. So please if you are a baking family and can make cookies, brownies or any other treats we encourage you to do so. We sell items for $1 and historically we make over $1,000 from this fun way to share.


A sign up genius form will be sent out shortly for this.


Jeff Yockey 

Jeff was a brilliant man and amazingly loving father to Eve and Cy. Eve is an El Grupo Alumni and a first generation Grupito rider who just graduated high school last year and received a full scholarship to attend Northern Arizona University this year. Unforntunately Jeff recently lost his battle with cancer. Jeff was a super volunteer parent who never missed a race of Eve’s and always found a way to help. I will lovingly remember his work at the 24 Hour race when he would work through the night to keep our lights charged and our kids safe.

There will be a memorial service for him held at the Tucson Waldorf School on 3605 East River road on November the 13th starting at 3pm.



Training Plan 

High school plan


Tuesday– One last MTB ride


Wednesday– Recovery Ride


Thursday– Hole Shots


This is same pre race formula we have used with great success all season. Its not broken, so we won’t fix it.


Middle Schools Plan


You all are a week ahead of us and thus have already started your transition period. Over the next three weeks we will be focusing on other strength areas and doing more cross training.


Tuesday– Cross Training work out and cleaning all your bikes and cubbies. Also learning how to ride rollers.


Wednesday– OFF or join the older kids for a recovery ride


Thursday– Cross training work out and cleaning up around the clubhouse.


The cross training work outs will only be 35-45 min long, which is totally enough, so you will have time to do other things.