El Tour Recap


In the 100 mile event we had Andy, Jesus, and Alex challenge the front of the race. Jesus took an amazing 10th place over all and the Juniors win, while Andy and Alex were just behind with Andy coming in 2nd place for the juniors.


In Alumni news Ethan Overson finished in 6th place as he led his teammate out who finished in second.


Also riding the 100 were Tomas and Julian. A huge congratulation to Julian for riding his first century and a bravo to Tomas for being there with him and guiding him through the event.


We also had Nick and Taryn ride the 57 mile event and Nick was able to support Taryn to a second place female finish.


3 other Grupito riders were able to finish the 57 as well.


Grupito was at El Tour and they split into 5 units and each team crushed it. They all rode across the line as teams in matching T Shirts and had an incredible experience.


The coaches at Manzo were able to get a huge crew of kids out for the 10 mile ride and I was able to watch them roll out of the clubhouse with all the excitement that followed.


El Tour is a special Tucson tradition and it was another beautiful event.


Since it comes right after the high school season, as coach, I don’t like to put any pressure on the event. I want kids who want to enjoy it to have the opportunity to take it on as they wish. But we only get so much emotionaly energy so we have to choose to where to spend it.




We are two weeks out from the last high school race and now 4 weeks out from the last middle school race. I hope this means that many of you are excited to get back to work and looking ahead to the spring racing season. The spring season is going to be chaulk full of races, which I hope sounds really fun.


I want to take the next few days as transition days still. I want everyone to be able to finish school strong going into this break. So please if you need the next few days to get caught up in school please do so. I also know many of you will be traveling and will need to get prepared, so I very understand that.


Looking ahead to the Spring season, I see the day after Thanksgiving as the start of the training season. If you are in town then I hope to take you all on some fun rides to start to build our aerobic system. If you are out of town enjoying family, no worries, we are going to have plenty of time.


However if you are in town I hope to use this break as the kick off for our Spring Season. You can think of this as a mini training camp.


The following weeks then as we head towards the Winter Break we are going to work on our endurance, skills and off the bike strength. We are going to have cross training workouts every day after our rides, and our rides will be centered around building volume and base. This means that consistency and great attendance will really impact how your season goes. This is my kind coach ask, that you all do what you can to have great attendance and attitudes over the next 6 weeks.


But over the front half of this week we are still in transition.


Tuesday — Tumamoc. 

Wednesday — Endurance Road Ride 

Thursday– OFF 

Friday– 9 am start. Endurance Road Ride

Saturday– Shoot Outs or Valentins ride

                     7:30 Big Boy — Please arrive at 7 am there is a special guest joining you. 

                     7:15 Old Man 

                     7:30 Valentin’s Ride 

Sunday– 9 am Endurance Road Ride