I hope everyone found the peace, rest, family and gratitude they needed over this Thanksgiving Break.


I personally want to thank everyone for their support, kindness and beautiful attitudes this past season and am very excited for the season we have coming up.


For the next four weeks we are going to find ourselves in a nice training rhythm. We will only attend one race over the next month and so we will be able to stay in town and just enjoy riding with our friends and teammates on our roads and trails.


We are going to be focusing on our endurance, skills, and off the bike strength so that we are ready to tackle the season in the new year.


Please be ready on Tuesdays and Thursdays to do a cross training work out after your rides, that will be approx. 20 minutes long.


This will be where most of the stress will come from this time of year. The cross training workouts are where we are really going to put some work in, we will then be mostly riding at our endurance pace the rest of the time.



However this Weekend we have something totally different. The U of A cycling team is putting on a Cyclocross race on Sunday. They have kindly asked us to attend and to show our support and gratitude for all that they do for the community, I think it is important that we show up in mass. I really want to encourage everyone on the team to join. If you can only come to one ride over the weekend, please make it the race. I will post exact details about it later this week on wednesday, but I really want us all to “race”, and make those quotations so that we all just take this is a fun race/ expierence.




Please all riders and families sign up for your check in meeting. This is a crucial meeting so that we can support your rider in the most holistic and positive way possible. Find the link below



This week:


Tuesday: Endurance Mountain bike ride with post cross training.


Wednesday: 2:30 and 4:30 start time. Two different times. Endurance Road Ride


Thursday: Endurance road ride with post cross training.


Saturday: Old Man– 7:15 am

Big Boy– 7:30 am

Valentin ride– 7:30 am


Sunday– U of A Cross race

All information for the race can be found here: