Happiest of New Years to Everyone!!


I hope the your New Year is filled with all of the opportunities and dreams that you hope for.


Our race season starts this coming weekend on the 8th and 9th and will come at us fast and furious until Mid March. So I hope that sounds really exciting to everyone.


I will really ask that everyone communicate with me about the events that they want to attend, I unfortunately cannot read minds, so I ask that everyone communicate really clearly with me via email, so that I have a record and can verify when I am signing you up for things.


MBAA Mountain Bike Race McDowell This weekend 8th and 9th of January 

At the check in meetings that I was fortunate enough to have with many of you, I invited many of you to this opporunity.


All information for this event can be found here: https://mbaa.net/racing/mcdowell-meltdown/


I would encourage those of you who were able to ride and train over the break to attend.


If you were not around over the break or able to ride, I would encourage you to stay in town and to prepare for the next race that will be in another 2 weeks.


Please email me if you would like to attend no LATER THAN WEDNESDAY EVENING. Also let me know what category you would like to race.


Intermediate and Expert racers will need to depart the clubhouse with me on Friday at 1pm. One Van will be leaving as at this time I am the only driver. Your race is on Saturday and you will have to stay until after the races on Sunday, however you will be able to train. If a parent is able to pick you up on Saturday to go home, you are more than welcome to do this.


If you wish to race on Sunday with your age group or beginner groups then we need to find someone to drive a team van up on Saturday morning, if not then I am going to ask that we car pool as families, or drive seperately. If you race on Sunday, then I ask that you arrive on Saturday afternoon so that you can pre-ride the course. You will then be invited to camp with the team on Saturday night.


We all should be able to depart McDowell at approx. 2 pm on Sunday and be back in town at 4:30pm.


I have camp spots reserved for both nights and will be ready to cook for all attending.


Training Plan for the next 10 days 
For the riders that were here over the break and put in huge days and hours, they need a rest week. So for them I would like for them to relax and soak in their hard work.
For the riders that were out of town or unable to join as much,  I want them to have a week to get back into it. Their rides will not be super hard, they should be at an endurance pace, but hopefully enough to help them get back into it all and to help them find some rhythm.
Saturday Jan 1st— No structured rides. If the weather allows and you Shoot Out, then enjoy the day. If it’s raining and miserable, please stay home, healthy and dry.
Sunday Jan 2nd— No ride. Please get prepared for school and enjoy the last day of your winter break.
Monday Jan 3rd— Team Try-Out Presentation. Come if you can. 6-7pm
Tuesday Jan 4th—  4:30 – 6:00 PM Team Try- Out ride– Ignacio and David
                           Endurance road ride 4:30- 6:30 PM — Joel, Chuck, Lynn and Curt
                              For those kids who were not around much over the break I would like for them to have a ride. This would be an endurance road ride. Just a chance to get them out before next week when we really start to work hard.
Wednesday Jan 5th— Recovery Road Ride at 2:30 for those kids who are racing at a high level this year and have a power meter. This is for our “A” squad if you will. They are going to have a power test the next day and need to just get on a cruise. For everyone else get back into the swing of things with school and get settled in.
Thursday Jan 6th— 2 Rides
Try – Out ride– The folks trying out will go with the team and do some hot laps on the Grupo Upper loop.
Power Test– For the “A” squad that has a power meter this will be test day.
Friday Jan 7th— Departing to McDowell MTB race 1pm. At this point I am the only driver and thus only one van of kids can travel. Is there anyone else who can drive a van?
Saturday Jan 8th— Some kids will be in Phoenix Racing mountain bikes.
                              Many other kids should stay in town and do their weekend rides.
Sunday Jan 9th— Some kids will be racing Mountain bikes in Phoenix.