School is always more important than riding bikes, so please have a great finals week, turn in all your projects, and eliminate all school stress so you can really enjoy a solid Winter break of bikes, family, and vacation.


TEAM KITS– This Tuesday is the deadline to order your team kits for next year. Everyone should have received an email from Sean with instuctions. Please take time to get your clothes ordered. We are with a new company this year so the process might be a little different, but everyone is still entitled to their one free kit. Please make it happen, as you have all earned it.


Rider check in meetings– Thank you to all of you that have found the time to check in with Sean and I. These meetings are to help us understand how to support you and the Spring Semester you hope to have. So let us know, and please sign up.


Gravel Girls– On Wednesday your gravel bikes will be ready to go. I hope you can all come on this day of practice to shake out the bikes and start to get comfortable on them. You will hopefully going on a ride with them. I am going to work all day today to get them done.


Winter Break Riding Schedule

To start things off I have created a 3 day bike tour loop through Southern Arizona. I would love for everyone to come as these trips are where we really come together as a team and we create those very unique bonds.




December 18th to 20th— Southern AZ Bike Tour
Saturday December 18th— Tucson to Arivaca.
3 Options
Option 1– Old Man Shoot Out all the way to Arivaca. This is an approx. 90 mile day. I would recommend this only to kids who are currently making it all the way around on this ride.
Option 2– Big Boy Shoot out all the way to Arivaca. We will link up with the Old Man riders in Green Valley and ride together.
Option 3– Amado to Arivaca.  This is an approx 40 mile with some fun rolling terrain. The goal would be for all of us to arrive at roughly the same time.
We will then camp overnight in Arivaca.
Food will be taken care of by Daniela’s parents and they can also help with luggage.
We do need someone though to drive a van to Arivaca and stay with us over the two nights.
December 19th 
Day 2– This is only for those with Gravel Bikes.
Option 1– Arivaca– Ruby Road– Over Duquence Road to Parker Canyon Lake. This is a very serious day and is only for the most advanced riders.
Option 2– Start at Parker Canyon Lake and go on an out and back adventure to discover the joys of gravel riding.
Option 3– For those that don’t have gravel bikes, you will be driven to Parker Canyon Lake Campground and you can enjoy a day at the lake and help set up camp, hike around, and just enjoy a day at the lake.
December 20th 
Day 3 — Back to Tucson
Option 1– Parker Canyon Lake to Tucson via Box Canyon
This is another super serious day and is only for the most advanced rider.
Option 2– Sonoita to Tucson via Box Canyon
This is a very solid and hard 60 mile day with a difficult dirt section.
We will need at least 2-3 coaches to cover this one.
Option 3– Parker Canyon Lake to Sonoita
This is a fun rolling day of approx. 45 miles.
Training Plan for this Week 
Tuesday– Team meeting– MTB ride– Cross training
Wednesday– Gravel Girls Gravel Ride at 4:30 pm
                          2:30 pm– Road Ride
                          4:30 pm — Road ride
Thursday– NO PRACTICE. However I will be around after school to help everyone get their bikes ready fo the weekend.
Friday– I again will be around so you can work on your bikes and you can drop off gear for the weekend.