Each ride and day from here until the end of break I will make a game time decision. Please stay tuned here and to your emails.


It seems as thought the weather is going to cooperate and let us have a go at this one tomorrow.


Lets be very ready to leave at 8:30am tomorrow, for those that are riding. This is different than the 9 am that was previoulsy posted.


This is because it is going to rain at some point later in the day and I want to give us much a chance as possible to beat the rain.


Those of you that will not be riding down please arrive at 8:30am and then pack up the trailers and be ready to leave by 9am.


Please dress appropriately and bring a rain coat.


I will have lunch packed, however make sure to pack riding snacks or to grab them before you head out.


Chuck and possibly Jody will be driving the vans down.


Ignacio and Joel will be riding with the team down.


We should be back at the cars by 2pm and home hopefully before 4pm.