Saturday December 11th


It is going to be cold so please dress accordingly. If you need cycling gear to stay warm, PLEASE ask, we have enough to ensure that no one is cold.


3 different Rides


7:15 AM– Old Man Shoot Out Ride. Some will be riding the extra over Gates, but you are not required to if you are on this ride.


7:30 Big Boy Shoot Out. Some will ride extra and I ask that you observe where people are headed. If there is a group heading to Madera I would encourage you all to try this. Remember then to have extra food and layers. This will be cold, long and hard.


7:30 am– Valentin ride. This is for everyone else. All riders that do not do the Shoot Outs are invited, welcomed and encouraged to ride this ride. This includes the Gravel Girls as Daniela will be out riding with this group. Again please dress warmly. This ride will likely be 4 hours long, in total duration. This gives everyone a chance to chat at the end while they hold onto their hot chocolate.



SUNDAY December 12th


8:30 am Leaving the clubhouse.


MT Lemmon ride.


When we depart the clubhouse we will ride east on University to Treat. We will turn north on Treat and ride to Pima. At Pima we will head north bound all the way to Tanque Verde road.


If you would like to meet the group en route that is just fine.


We will likely be at the base of the Lemmon at 9:30am if you wish to meet us there.


For many of the newer riders on the team one day this weekend is sufficient. If you would like to try a second day, please just check in with me to ensure we are on the same page and making good decisions. There is no pressure to ride both days.