The Tour of the Home Country is my rediculous name for the bike tour that we just completed.

I want to thank all of the riders and coaches who came out to support and help on the adventure. This is my favorite time of the year.


3 days and two nights.

213 miles and 12,838 feet is what I gathered.


Day 1 Tucson to Arivaca, 67 miles and 3,000 feet. We then camped in Arivaca at a friends house.

Day 2 Arivaca to Parker Canyon Lake, via Ruby Road. 81 miles and 8,000 feet. This is gut check day.

Day 3 Parker Canyon Lake back home. 65 miles and 1,749 feet via Box Canyon.


These types of rides and adventures really have nothing to do about generating the perfect physiological response. These adventures and rides are all about learning about yourself, your emotions and what you are capable of. Sometimes we just need a chance to soul search and dream. I build these trips not for the perfect physcial training, but for the beautiful opporunity to learn about yourself.


We have a few more rides like this coming up, and I hope that sounds exciting to everyone.




December 22nd– CANCELLED. I want to have excellent attendance for the 23rd so I am cancelling this ride in that attempt.


December 23rd– Valley of the Sun Road Race recon and 24 Hour course recon

                             Valley Course Recon — Ignacio
                             9am depart clubhouse
                             10:30 on bikes
                              1pm– packing up trailers
                              2:30pm– Back at clubhouse
24 Hour Race course Recon– Chuck, Mark, Jody and Daniela
                            9am Depart clubhouse.
                            10:30 on bikes at trailhead
                             3pm– Packing up trailers
                             4:30 pm– Back at Clubhouse


December 24th and 25th– OFF


December 26th– East side road ride leaving from the clubhouse. 9am departing.

Approx. 4 hour ride in total duration with stops.

Ignacio, Chuck, Jody, Hayden, Joel, and Daniela



December 27th– OFF


December 28th– Patagonia Gravel Day. If you do not have a gravel bike, please you are encouraged to ride your MTB.

Chuck, Mark, Jody, Hayden, Joel, Daniela, Ignacio

Depart Clubhouse at 9am.

Arrive in Patagonia 10:30am and bikes out of the trailer by 11am.

Ride is 4 hours.

So back at the car at 3pm and leaving town by 4pm.

Back at the clubhouse at 5pm.


December 29th– West Side MTB. 9 am  Ignacio and Chuck

We will leave from the clubhouse to ride our local trails and hopefully explore some we don’t have time for usually. This will be 3 hours.



December 30th– Mt Hopkins.

2 Groups

Group 1- Ride from the clubhouse on Gravel Bikes all the way to the mountain and up. This is only for riders who can confidently complete at least the Old Man Shoot Out. We will leave the clubhouse at 9am.

Ignacio, Joel, Mark

At the Madera Store at 11am.

At the turn off by Noon.

At the first observatory by 12:45.

At the top at 2:30.

Down at the cars at 3:30pm.

Packed up by 4pm.

At the clubhouse by 5:30pm.



Group 2– I would really encourage everyone in this group to ride their mountain bikes.

Daniela, Jody, Chuck

Arrive at clubhouse 9:00am.

Depart at 9:30am.

On bike no later than 11:30am.

Down at cars at 3:30pm.

At the clubhouse by 5:30pm.


December 31st– OFF


January 1st– Regular Saturday Morning Rides.


Valentin/ Daniela/ Gravel Girls Group 9 am Start time.



January 2nd– Willow Springs/ Freeman Road Gravel Loop

Chuck, Joel, Daniela, Hayden

If you have a gravel bike, you will ride it and if you just have a road bike, we have a ride for you as well.


Depart clubhouse at 9am.

On bikes at 10:30am.

Ride for 4 hours and be at vans at 2:30pm.

Back at the clubhouse at 4pm.