The next two months are race season, and it might seem like a lot when we are in the middle of it, however by March 13th it all slows down abruptly.

So hang in there, get ready, get excited, and make sure you consult your race calendars, so you can prepare.


Race calendars were given to every rider who took the time to meet with me to discusss how they wanted to participate with team this spring. Parents please consult with your rider about the races they have been invited to. Please remember that these are invitations, so riders can choose to come or not. Of course I want kids to take as many opportunities as possible, however they need to stay motivated and not get burned.


As well please remember that your participation is necessary to be able to accept your invitation to the races. So your attendance needs to be sufficient to race. Please continue to communicate with me if you have attendance difficulties so we can be fair.


Two very important races where we need quite a bit of volunteer help are the:


24 Hour Mountain Bike Race.

This race is February 18th, 19th and 20th.

We will need support and help from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon.

This might be the most fun race of the year, and also the most exhausting.

It takes place just outside of Oracle, Arizona and is a dry camping event. Which means ther are no showers or water available on site.  All information can be found here:

We will have a team meeting about this ( TBD ) where we will present all of the volunteer opportunities. We will absolutely need wonderful help, by the parents of the riders participating.

Parents please consult with your rider in regards to their potential particpation.



Tucson Bicycle Classic Road Bike Race 

This is another three day race. March 4th, 5th and 6th.

Parents and riders please be aware that you must race all three days if you register. You may find all the rules in the link below.

On Friday March 4th riders will need to miss a full day of school to be able to participate. If they are unable to do so, then they cannot race on Saturday and Sunday. So please plan accordingly.

This is one of the races that I would like to have 100% participation at.

For over 10 years we have been a beneficiary of the race, and because of this wonderful relationship, we have done our best to provide as many volunteers as possible during the races.

As a volunteer you can choose from many different positions, such as corner marshal– you ensure that traffic is not entering the race course, follow vehicle– you follow the racers and help them if need  be, registration help, and other such opportunities.

All information can be found here:


Next Race Opportunity 

MBAA Mountain Bike race in Phoenix on January 22nd or 23rd 

All information for that can be found here: 

There is an appropriate skill level and distance for everyone on the team, so please consult with me if you are unsure.

If you ride one of the shoot outs then you will race on Saturday.

If you do not then you race on Sunday.

If you race on Saturday, then we need to leave Tucson at 1pm to have a chance to pre-ride.

If you race on Sunday, then you will need to leave town at 11am on Saturday.

Please email me if you want to go and I will sign you up.

If you had a meeting with me then you know if you were invited to this opporunity.

The email is a critical step in learning to clearly communicate. I would like for the youth to send the email by no later than Tuesday January 18th.



The next race opportunity for most riders after that will be on February 5th and 6th another Mountain bike race in Phoenix with the same general logistics.





Please read carefully there a lot of moving parts this week.


I am trying hard to ensure everyone has what they need to have a great season.


However we are all starting a block of intense training. Please come to practice emotionally prepared, rested and well fueled.



Tuesday– Road Bikes if not doing Pilates 

Gravel girls, Roey, Julian, Dom, Leo OG. You either raced this weekend and are tired, or have been sick, or are recovering from a crash and therefor could use a more chill day.

You will head to Oury Park during the normal practice time and will meet Daniela for Pilates in the Park. Please dress appropriately.


Everyone else will be going out for a round of VO2 intervals.

If you raced this weekend and still feel too tired we can move your intervals to Wednesday, but lets make those game time decisions.



Wednesday — Road Bikes 

Endurance road ride or VO2 intervals if y0u needed more rest.

2:30 and 4:30 start times.



Thursday — Mountain Bikes 

This will be an endurance MTB ride focusing on shred not watts.




Valley of the Sun Racer you will be doing your Shoot Out with some extra.


24 Hour Mountain Bike Racers– Mandatory RIDE 

Meet at the clubhouse at 2pm.

We will load the vans up and drive to the race course.

We will be able to ride out first lap from 4:00 to 5:30 pm, with plenty of day light.

We will then snack and get ready to ride a night lap.

We will commence our second lap at approx. 6:30pm and we will all have our lights on.

This is a critical practice for all of you racing at this event.

We will finish this lap at approx 8pm and then load up.

We should return to the clubhouse at approx. 9:30pm and pick up will be 10pm.