We are three weeks away unitl the first big g0als of the season.


24 Hours  in the Old Pueblo and Valley of the Sun.


I hope that sounds super exciting to everyone.


This will be our last super big week of training as we approach and prepare for these goals.


So lets take it home and really put the finishing touches on our training. Lets really put some beautiful work together this week so we can truly thrive at our events.


Parents please take the time to follow the links to volunteer at the 24 Hour race if your rider is heading there. At the end of this post you will see all the information. As well please fill out and hand in this waiver form: https://epicrides.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/2022-24-Hour-WAIVER.pdf

Please hand in the waiver no later than Thursday evening.




Tuesday– One more round of VO2 intervals. We got this. On road Bikes



Wednesday– Sweet Spot Road intervals. If you are racing Valley. 2:30 and 4:30 times available for this work out.

If you are racing the 24 then you will have an MTB ride. 4:30pm only for this.


Thursday– Team Presentation. Mandatory for all riders, and we really hope that all parents, volunteers, and coaches can come as well.

This is when we unveil this years jersey and applaud all of the wonderful youth on the team.

It will be cold so please plan accordingly.

The even starts at 6pm with some drinks and such.

Riders please be ready at the clubhouse at 5pm.

Your Prompt: Tell folks something that is special about the team, that they might not know about.


We will gather and celebrate outside. This will allow for us to keep safe distances and to be mindful of others. We believe that there is enough space outside of our clubhouse to ensure that everyone finds space they feel safe in. We will also have extra masks available and will encourage folks to use them when necessary.



Friday– 1pm Van departing to White Tanks for the mountain bike race. This is for those riders that race men intermediate levels, or expert and are caught up in school. Daniela driving.


4pm– Van departs for those men who race intermediate levels, or expert and need to stay in school. Ignacio driving team van.


Saturday– White Tanks MBAA Mountain Bike race in the Phoenix area.

Joel will be driving and leaving the clubhouse at 11am for those men racers who race in the beginner class and the young women on our team. Please arrive at 10:30am ready to help pack up. Also please bring a lunch with you and your camping equipment.


Saturday after the race a team van driven by Daniela will return from the venue and be back at approx. 5pm ish.


Sunday– White Tanks MBAA race and the Picacho Peak TT

Ignacio will stay at the venue in Phoenix to coach the riders and support them.


Sean will drive to the Picacho TT and support the team there.

I would like to see Andy, Axel, Thomas at the very least do this event.




If your rider is signed up please find a way to volunteer. Your riders safety and enjoyment is predicated on your help and involvement. This is one of the best events of the whole year and we want everyone to come and enjoy it with us.

Team Handlers Meeting will be on February the 10th at 6:30 to 7:30 pm.

2022 24 HOP(Hours in the Old Pueblo)

Hello EG families and friends,

This email is all about volunteer opportunities for the 24HOP race. Please read this entire email even if you cannot go to the race—we need your help in other ways. Our goal is to keep you informed–if we missed something please contact Ignacio.


Included in the email:

  • Volunteers jobs
  • Items we need from you
  • When to drop off food and other items
  • Directions to the race
  • Carpooling and parking info
  • Your family is welcome but…..

The most important need: If you will be at the race please sign up to be a team handler. This is a critical job and will be easy if we have enough volunteers. We would like at least 10 people to sign up. A handler keeps track of one team of 5 youth riders. Handlers get riders to the transition tent, they wake riders up in the night, make sure riders eat and drink, have lights on bikes and many other things—basically handlers keep track of the team. This is lots for work for 24 hours so having teams 2-3 handlers per racing team makes it an easier job.

o   Each team needs a minimum of 2 handlers and an alternate = 3 handlers

o   The alternate may have to work for just 3-4 hours.

  • Click on this link to sign up to be a team handler:



     When you sign up, in the notes please include:

  • Your time restrictions or when you are available to volunteer
  • If you have someone you want to work with, that person’s name

o   Do not worry about which team you are signing up for, this will just get your name on the list and we will sort out teams once everyone has signed up. It is often better for parents to NOT handle their rider’s team.

o   For information or questions please call or text Ignacio. All handlers will be trained before the race or their shift.

Kitchen Volunteer: As with all of our local races, we will need a crew of volunteers to run the kitchen. The 24 HOP is unique in that we need a few heary souls to work throughout the night. Shannon(Myles and Daniel’s mom) will lead the kitchen crew and will send more detailed info once you have signed up.

Click this link to see the kitchen schedule and sign up


 Donations of food:

Sign up to bring fruit or homemade baked goods here: 


Please drop off fruit and homemade baked goods on Friday morning Feb 15th. Call or text Shannon 520-468-8600 if you need to make other arrangements for drop off.

The team also needs the following gear donations: (LABEL your items)

o   Firewood–drop off at the clubhouse by Thursday Feb 14th at 5:00 p.m.

o   Water containers– reusable 5-gallon water containers only- bring to clubhouse by Thursday

  •      2-3solar lanterns or other non-gas lanterns

2 Pop Up Canopies

            For all of these items please contact Ignacio for drop off info.

Directions: Here is a map: Directions and map

Once you arrive in 24 Hour town, if you stay to the right on the Epic Ride Expressway and go past the 3rd set of bathrooms you will find us.

**Remember to bring 2 cans of food per person and $5 per vehicle to enter event.

Parking:  By Friday evening there will be no parking left near our camp and we cannot save spaces. If you come up for the day Saturday or Sunday please park outside the entrance and ride your bike or walk (its less then ½ mile. Between 3000-5000 people will be at this race – car pooling is essential.   The road in to the 24 Hour town can be rutted and narrow and very congested and muddy if it rains. Go to Epic Rides website for more info: Event website

All family members are welcome to cheer on the teams but we cannot feed everyone. If you volunteer you will be fed.  We will be feeding approx. 40 people for 3 days so please come prepared to feed yourselves if you are not able to volunteer.