After months of hard work and early season races, we have arrived at the pay off weekend.


So many of you have put so much hard work in over these last few months and I am so very excited that you will get to express yourselves this weekend at full flight.


I want to thank everyone riders, parents and coaches for trusting me and this path that I took you all down these last few months starting in early December.


This past weekends races certainly lead me to believe that we are all going to have beautiful weekends.


Setting a goal, and working towards it for months is most certainly a key component to youth development. It is how we learn to trust our selves and others.



Parents of 24 Hour racers. Please find a way to help that works for you.

Kitchen help




Extra Food:




Tuesday– 24 hour racers. One more fun MTB ride to get you excited to race.

Valley folk. Recovery ride. 1 hour.


Wednesday– 24 Hour racers off.

Valley Folk openers. 4:30 only. That way I only have to coordinate one practice time and volunteers.


Thursday– Everyone off. Get your homework done. Pack you bags. Get excited.



Friday– We depart to go have some fun and really challenge ourselves to be our best. All in the process of learning to respect ourselves so we can respect everyone around us.