Axel, Thomas, Alex, Tomas, Andy, Damiano, Kaiden, Leo


The first race starts at 8:30am.

We need to be on site at 7am.

So we need to leave the clubhouse at 5:30am sharp.


Please dress super warm for the van ride and have some food with you for before and after the race, and of course a change of clothes.

You must wear your newest Team Kit.


We should be able to leave the venue by12:30pm and then be home by 2pm.

This should give you plenty of time to rest for Sunday.




All  information in the link.


15-18 Boys

Leo, Tomas, Alex, Andy, Kaiden, Julian, Nick, Daniel, Thomas


We have to be ready to race at 7;20am.


So we need to be on site at 6am.


To do that we need to leave at 4:45 am sharp.


If you want to meet me out there, that is ok.


You are all going to race a second race as well, so please come prepared with a change of clothes and plenty food.


Also please bring equipment to take a nap. This is an early morning and a very long day. So bring a mat, sleeping bag and pillow. You will be able to find space to take a nap and it will change your whole day and event if you are able to find some rest.


I will have some food as well, but it is always good for you to bring things you like.




Your first race starts at 10:20 am.


So we need to be on site at 9am.


Which means we need to leave by 7:45 am sharp.


Please be at the clubhouse between 7:15 and 7:30 so that you can help pack up the trailers and vans.


Please bring a change of clothes, your newest team kit, and some snacks that you like.



I believe that we will leave the venue at 3:30pm at the latest. Which has us arriving back to the clubhouse at approx. 5pm.


We might be able to send a van home sooner, but that will be a numbers game on site.