I am really excited for the month to come and the last goals of the season.


I want to thank everyone for their hard work and dedication this season and I want to inspire everyone to finish strong and to put one more great month together.


The Whiskey Mountain bike Race is April 30th.


Tour of the Gila is April 27th or 28th to May 1st.


We have a solid month to get ready and I want us all to get excited to enjoy the process of preparing and trusting ourselves to take on a tough challenge. The next three weeks of practice we are going to get back to structured work. So come emotionally prepared to push yourselves and to trust yourselves.


Training Plan


Tuesday– Colombia Presentation by the riders. It is most certainly going to rain, however I want to have great attendance. I want to inspire more riders to meet our sister club in Colombia in the years to come. Also I would like to take the chance to have a team meeting with everyone to have a chance to talk and learn from the riders, so they can advocate for the experiences they wish to have with the club.


Wednesday– LT intervals on Road Bikes. These would have been on Tuesday, however it is going to rain so we adjust.

2:30 and 4:30 options


Thursday– Gila Racers LT intervals on Road Bikes.

Whiskey Racers LT intervals on MTB bikes.


Saturday– 7am Valentin and Daniela Ride.

6:45am Old Man

7am Big Boy


I also want to invite all Team members to the MBAA Mountain Bike race in Prescott on Saturday April 9th.

I will be leaving and driving a van up on Friday the 8th at 11am.

After the race on Saturday we will then spend a day at Lynx lake playing in the water and throwing some Frisbee golf discs.

Then we will spend the night on Saturday and take advantage of the beautiful weather and riding that Prescott has to offer on Sunday.

On Sunday we will then spend the morning enjoying a beautiful big mountain experience on our mountain bikes.

We will arrive back to Tucson for dinner