As most of you know I have the exciting opportunity to take a group of kids and coaches to Colombia to introduce them to what I hope becomes our sister club.


I also know that many of you will have the opportunity to travel with family and friends.


Enjoy the break and be safe.


Training Plan

We are 7 weeks away from our goal events in late April the Whiskey MTB race and the Tour of the Gila.


These races are all about climbing and have a huge engine. So we need to build it by climbing and getting on solid rides.


This week if you around I encourage you to go on big rides that make you fall in love with the bike again.


Tuesday– Coach Ken and Chuck will be available during regualr hours to take folks out.


Wednesday– I want to encourage riders to attend and to support and volutneer at Grupito again during regular hours.


Thursday – Sunday– Ride with your teammates, call them up, coordinate to meet and to get out on beautiful rides that fill your soul.


I challenge you to get on rides that are big enough to stretch your limits in a fun and safe way.


I will be posting pictures on social media.


Safe travels everyone this break.