This week kids should be back to normal school schedules with only Cat Foot having spring break.
We are going to continue to focus on climbing and endurance as we prepare for whiskey and Gila.
However, on Tuesday, we are going to earn our trail time. We are going to work with Pima county and their trail building crew during our normal practice times. Please if you coach on Tuesday and can join this should be a really fun opportunity.
Tuesday— trail building day. Please have your riders come with approx clothes to hike and work with tools such as shovels and picks.
Wednesday—. 2:30 and 4:30. Road rides.
Thursday— 4:30 mtb
Saturday— finally back to a shoot out or your morning road ride.
Sunday— there is a crit race in Phoenix that some kids might attend. Or if anyone has the energy and time to take a crew of kids out.