26 Days Until Whiskey and 23 days until the first racers go off at the Tour of the Gila.


I hope that brings everyone joy and excitement. The process of believing in yourself, setting goals, and actively trusting yourself to work towards them is absolutely what we are all about. We just happen to use the bike and bike events to set those goals as team.


These next two weeks are going to be structured and tough, but will absolutely be worth it if you can see them through.


The number one thing I ask of all riders, parents and supporters is to ensure that the youth are as consistent as possible in this last build up.


Training Plan


Tuesday– LT work on the road bikes. If you wish to race in Prescott this weekend I need to know by this day. 


Wednesday– 2:30 — LT work on road bikes

4:30 start times endurance work on road bikes


Thursday– Whiskey riders will do LT on the Mountain bikes

Gila Riders will do LT work on the road bikes


Friday– Some riders will be leaving mid day to enjoy a weekend in Prescott at the races.



Old Man — 6:15 am

Big Boy– 6:30 am

Valentin Ride– 6:30 am


Sunday– Bike Swap Meet. If you are in town we will kindly ask for your help and support. Richard and Sean will be leading this.