Yes. Bravo.




You have all made it to week 4 and thus you all deserve a reprieve and rest.


However I am always nervous to say rest week, because too many riders think sit on the coach and do nothing. They think oh that means we have nothing to do.


Yet as you can imagine we have much to do and to prepare and we still need to move a bit.


I do want to take a minute and thank all of the Whiskey riders who went out on the challenge ride this weekend. Coaches Mark, Chuck and Daniela had rave reviews for everyone. So thank you for putting in such beautiful efforts.


This past weekend I also took a small squad of kids to Silver City, with the help of Joel Biederman. We camped in the high mountains, and pre rode some of the courses for Tour of the Gila. I think we are ready.


Training Plan


Tuesday– Clean vans, clean trailers, clean tents, clean out kitchen bins. We have been going camping all year and we have not done any upkeep. So if you have been on a camping trip in the last 2 years, I very much want you available to help.


Wednesday– 2:30 Ride. TT bikes and recovery ride.

4:30pm. Road Recovery ride.


Thursday– MTB endurance day. We do need to keep the heart, lungs and legs moving. We can’t just do nothing. You are athletes.


Saturday– Shoot Outs and Valentin and Daniela Ride.

Big Boy 6:30

Old Man 6:15

Daniela and Valentin 6:30am