This is it.


We have made it to race week.


We can now focus on the mental, emotional, and spiritual preparation.


I encourage everyone to dream. I encourage everyone to visualize how they want their event to go. I want to encourage everyone to believe that they can be there very best selves this weekend.


If you have put the work in, if you have committed to the process and trained your very hardest then you have nothing to worry about. You can hopefully find comfort and peace in the knowledge of all the work you have put in.


I have sent quite a few emails out in regards to logistics for the events, and I have sent out gear lists as well. Please consult those.




There is no fitness we can find this week. At this point you have either done the work or you have not. There is no extra credit or bonus points to be found this week. All we can do is sharpen what we have and hope that it is enough. However I can say with great confidence if you have been committed to the plan that I have created and shown up with great consistency then you are ready.


What we can focus on this week that will make a huge difference come race day is:


Hydration. It starts now and yesterday. To be properly hydrated for you races you need to be hydrating days before hand. So please be mindful of this all week.


Rest. Just like hydration. It is not about the night before. Its about the whole week and beyond. So do your best to get plenty of sleep this week.


Food. Eating well and sufficient amounts should always be a goal. The better food you put in, the better the body can work. So think about eating well and sufficient all week.


School. Stay on top of your work. Remove that stress point. Don’t wait until the last minute to hand in work. You know you will not be in school on Friday now, so please be mindful and try to get ahead. Make your life that much easier.



Tuesday– Road bike openers.

Rosalie and David Cross endurance MTB


Wednesday– NO PRACTICE


Thursday– All Whiskey riders endurance MTB ride.


Weekend– Everyone is at the races.



Graduation information


As the school year quickly approaches its end, we recognize that some senior members of our race team will depart our Clubhouse as they embark on new adventures that will help shape their lives. Through lessons learned here at El Grupo from our amazing staff and volunteer coaches, we know that our exiting seniors: Nathaniel, Ben, Leo, and Myles will have success for years to come. 
Please join us in celebration of their commitment to themselves, their coaches, and El Grupo with our potluck and pool party at Catalina Terrace. This location has been used for Grupo graduations for many years and we are excited to return from the recent closures of the pool in 2020 and 20201. Please RSVP and note what dish/dessert you will bring. Please also note if anyone in your family will be swimming so that we may coordinate with the pool for lifeguards.
RSVP HERE. Note: You can RSVP for potluck items and for swimming.
Who: All Senior Level Programming Families, Coaches, Volunteers:
What: El Grupo Senior Graduation
Where: Catalina Terrace Pool (2440 E Hedrick Dr, Tucson, AZ 85719)
When: Sunday, May 15th from 5-7 PM
Why: To celebrate the accomplishments of El Grupo Seniors by showing personal and academic success!