20 Days until Whiskey.


3 weeks.


11 more practices available.


2 more weekend Rides.


This will be the final big week where we try to gain that last little bit.


16 Days away from Tour of the Gila.


I hope these numbers bring excitement, nerves, hope, ambition, fear, elation, and dreams to each rider.


You all have worked so hard and I am very excited for all of you to get to express yourselves.


This weeks work is intended to put the final touches on our fitness to have us prepared for our events.


This week is also a third week in our training build so we need to come at this week with a lot of emotional courage. Yes we might be tired however I am so very confident that we can follow through with the work outs if we prepare for them emotionally before arriving.


So please families and riders prepare. This week will be tough, but just as the events will be tough.


I hope everyone comes and has a great week.




Tuesday– Road Bikes and Under — Overs


Wednesday– 2:30 riders. Road Bikes and Under– Overs

4:30. Road Bikes and solid endurance ride


Thursday– MTB Under–  Overs


Saturday– Whiskey Test Ride

Everyone who is signed up for Whiskey I hope makes this ride.

Coach Mark and Chuck will be leading this.

Meet at the clubhouse at 6:15am.

Depart at 6:30am.

On Bikes at 7:30am in the Green Valley area.

4 Hour ride.

Home by 1pm.


I will send out more details later about this with exact details. However we have created a route in Santa Rita mountains that mimics well the demands of Whiskey. This ride is to help the riders understand the physical and emotional demands of the event.



The Gila riders will  be traveling to Silver City and camping this weekend to pre ride some of the race courses.





This past weekend we had riders at two different events.


Thanks to Jason Tullous, Liam and Alex, were able to race at the Sea Otter event in Monterrey, California. This was at the same venue as the big Lifetime race, so the event was charged with huge energy and the boys race had 110 starters. They raced in the Cross Country mountain bike race for their age group.


They both had an amazing experience and really enjoyed getting to race in a new location. I sure hope to make it their some day with a whole squad and again thank you to Jason, for taking the boys.


Alex finished in 10th place!!



Mia, Lucy Biederman, Luciana De la, Olivia, Julian, Kai, Axel, Elliot, Sam, Thomas, Tomas and Damiano all attended the Prescott MBAA Mountain Bike race.


I don’t like to focus on the results but more so the personal growth that happens at these events.


However we did do incredibly well results wise with 6 top 5 finishes.


I want to highlight and applaud  Mia, Lucy Biederman, Luciana De la, Julian, Kai for being courageous enough to stay the extra day with the team to get out on a big mountain ride on Sunday. They challenged themselves to a big ride in a totally unknown setting and did great. One of the biggest days they have ever had on a mountain bike and this after a full gas race the day before. Strength is not given, it is earned.