But first lets celebrate the courage of these four young men.


For the first time in Grupo history these four challenged themselves at the highest level of Mountain biking in the USA at the Soldier Hollow MTB race in Utah. The level at this competition is the highest in the country and I salute these four for stepping up to it.


We certainly learned what the next level is and are now more hungry than ever to come home and work harder, smarter, and holistically to battle at the front end of races of this caliber.


It was a whirlwind of trip as the venue was 750 miles away. It took us 15 hours over two days to drive there and back but hopefully this was the lesson we needed.



Practice Schedule


We took last week off because we all need to have emotional, physical and mental breaks. We also need to praise ourselves and to enjoy the completion of goal events. Physiologically we cannot just keep going. We have to take breaks to re-charge in all facets of life. If we do not take breaks and allow ourselves to re-charge then we are just asking for burn out. So I truly hope everyone has enjoyed the little break and was able to do something special and different this weekend.


Now we have a chance to look ahead and to take the long view for many of the riders. For those of you not racing at MTB nationals this summer you are going to start to focus on cross training and learning that your body can do more than just pedal. There will still be plenty of pedaling however the main focus of your training will be on overall body strength and awareness. We are going to be working with a University Professor at the U of A and she is going to be leading our cross training work outs. The first one this Thursday is important because we are going to learn a lot of the fundamentals that we are going to build on all summer. The U of A Professor also happens to be the Founder of El Grupo, Daniela Diamente.


However we have many different levels of riders on the team as we have national caliber racers and they are dreaming about the big prizes this summer. We will have a strong crew of kids heading to MTB nationals in Winter Park, Colorado in late July.



Practice Schedule


Tuesday– OFF


Wednesday– OFF



This crew listed below will begin their cross training with Daniela on this day. I absolutely hope that everyone can join that is listed below.

Levi, Sam, Evan, Roey, Kai, Elliot,

De La, Mia, Rosalie, Lucy B

Julian, Dom, Daniel

Leo, Estevan, Nick, Thorstan, Nathaniel, Myles and Ben


Those not listed are going to be racing at Nationals this summer and thus need to get back on bikes. So we MTB ride on this day for the rest.


Saturday– Morning rides return

6 am Shoot Out

5:45 Old Man

6 am Daniela’s ride



I sure hope that all riders and families are able to come to this special event.

This is our chance as a team to celebrate the seniors on the team.


Bring swim attire if you like and please bring the whole family (and RSVP and sign up to bring some food)