That’s right. Its time to get the band back together and get back on our bikes.


I know this is finals season and of course I want everyone to focus on school.


School always comes before bikes.


That said we will have practice this week as it can help many of us decompress from school and actually help us think.


This week will be all about loving the bike and the ride and just getting out and enjoying the hot air.


For most of you, you are building towards the fall races this time of year is all about creating good habits around the bike and getting your grove on with it.


For those of you building for nationals, I have been fortunate enough to speak with you all, so I believe we are on the same page in regards to our training plan.




TUESDAY–MTB Endurance ride.


Wednesday– 2:30 mtb endurance

4:30 Road endurance


Thursday– MTB endurance


WEEKEND TBD after the coaches meeting tomorrow night.


I will post again to give everyone details.