It really does take a village.


I need to thank so many people for all of their hard work and dedication that they pour into the team and the club.


From all of the amazing parents who support us and ensure that you riders make it to the clubhouse on time and ready.


To all of the coaches and volunteers who show up in the heat, wind and sun to ensure that every rider has a safe experience and learns how to challenge themselves.


To all of my co-workers who support the club and work tirelessly to make it the best club in the country.


Really I need to thank so many people.


Unfortunately I was unable to support the amazing crew of riders, coaches and parents that attended the Whiskey Off Road. However I have heard some amazing stories and really hope to hear more tomorrow.


I had the fortune to head to the Tour of the Gila.


The Tour of the Gila is the hardest stage race that an armature can race in the United States.


The race is in southwestern New Mexico, in the town of Silver City and weaves around the Gila National Forest.


I have been fortunate enough to take kids to this race for over 10 years.


In the first few years we struggled to just finish the race and the subsequent years we have started to find some results.


Well this year went beyond expectations and dreams.


I can not be prouder of the kids and of how they rode.


The very best compliment I heard all weekend was, ” Wow, they really ride like a team.”


If there is anything we can learn from this experience of being on a team it is to learn how to trust our friends and how to challenge them to be there best.


I certainly was witness to that this weekend and thus leave a very happy coach.




This is going to be a recovery week. Most of us have just completed one of our biggest  goals of the year and we need the emotional break.


Tuesday– Team Meeting and Clubhouse clean up.


Wednesday till Sunday OFF.


Enjoy the break. Hang with friends and hopefully get super excited to come back to work hard.