Mark Miller is available and excited to lead another MTB ride this weekend for our newest teammates.


I hope that he is joined by Jenelle, Ryan, G and Sterling. If you are in town I sure hope you all  join him again, as I heard from all of you that you really enjoyed the last ride.


This ride will start at 6am with Mark and is now a Mountain Bike ride.



Curt’s ride will also start at 6am and will be a road ride. This is for Roey, Elliot K, Kai, Dom, Julian, Evan and Levi.


Chuck and Daniela will be taking the Gravel Girls to Patagonia and will be on their own this weekend.

The Gravel Girls will be leaving the Clubhouse at 5:30 am.


The goal is for all of us to meet back up at the Mercado just like we did last week to enjoy post ride treats.