THANK YOU for an absolutely wonderful first week of bike camp.
If we can pull together another 2 weeks with the same energy and enthusiasm then we are going to have the best Summer Bike Camps ever.
So this is a BRAVO and THANK YOU email first.
Work starts at 7am SHARP.
Blue Shirts  and appropriate clothes
Your Energy is their Energy– SO HAVE FUN WITH THE CAMPERS
It is mandatory for you to bring lunch or to make one before camp starts. Sharing a meal with the kids is a wonderful way to engage them and to validate them.
Be prepared to carry things for the group.
The large building will be locked from 7am to 1:30 pm.
Work day ends at 1:30pm.
For all riders not racing at Nationals this is a week 2 of a build phase. We are focused on creating good habits, consistency, and learning to work hard.
These weeks are all about building strength with cross training and learning how to work hard with our new teammates.
I of course would love to see every one of you at the workouts no matter if you are working camp or not.
Remember we start right on time. Punctuality counts
Monday– Cross Training 5:45am to 6:30 am.
Wednesday– Cross Training 5:45 am to 6:30 am
Thursday– Short Track leaving the clubhouse at 5:30pm and going to Himmel
Saturday Ride– 5:45 Old Man
                          6– Big Boy
                          6- Curt’s Road Ride — Dom, Kai, Julian, Levi, Evan
                          6– Ken and Steve — G, Ryan, Jenelle, Sterling
                          5:30am– Chuck and Daniela leave the clubhouse for Patagonia with the Gravel Girls