That’s right two weeks until Durango Mountain Bike Camp.


I hope that bring everyone joy and excitement and a bit of trepidation.


When we are wonderfully scared about something it can help us rise up. It can help us be aware of all the details and it can help be our best selves.


I wanted to end the summer with this camp so that we all had a great experience together before school starts. I hope that this camp helps bring us together as a team and helps us create those bonds that create real friendships. I want everyone to have the best time.


Training Plan the Next Two Weeks


These next two weeks will be all about getting back on the bike and starting to build endurance and confidence. All of the rides are going to be at endurance pace and really focusing on finding flow on the mountain bike. My hope is that we can make appropriate groups so that there is very little stopping and regrouping, I really want everyone to just get to ride. So please come prepared for that.


I am hoping that everyone can get some really good time on the bikes these next two weeks so that the Camp is just the cherry on top of fitness and endurance.


That is a polite way for coach to say that he wants you at practice as much as you are able to make it.


All times noted below are departure times, so arrival is earlier.


Tuesday July 12th– 6am MTB

Coaches– Joel, Curt and Mark


Thursday July 14th– 6am MTB

Coaches– Joel, Curt and Mark


Saturday July 16th– 6am Road Bike

Steve, Curt, Chuck, Mark and Ken


Tuesday July 19th– 6am MTB

Coaches– Joel, Curt and Jody


Thursday July 21st– 6am MTB

Curt and Jody


Saturday July 23rd– 6am Road Ride

Steve, Curt, Chuck and Ken

Please bring all your Durango gear to practice on this day so that after the ride you can pack up.


Remember we pack up for Durango on the 23rd and then we leave on the 24th.


I will be out of town in Quebec, Canada as I help lead the USA Junior National Team at the Nations Cup Race.