This next week is going to be a skills week. This is a great time after three weeks of building form to come back to the basics and the fundamentals. Just like in all other sports there are basic building blocks that we can come back to.
For the last three weeks the kids have been putting in solid amounts of time and I can tell they are getting fit and strong. Now we want them to rest to really take advantage of the work they have put in and let it soak in.
However there are quite a few things that we need to do to ensure that we are ready for the season before us.
Goals for the week 
Tuesday August 30th 
LIGHTS– All riders at all times need to have lights on their bikes that are on and blinking. This is what we do. I do need everyone’s help and assistance on this. I cannot have eyes and ears everywhere and I need to politely ask that everyone ensure that we are following through with this. Lights on at all times before leaving the clubhouse. The only time you can turn them off is on the the dirt trails. We have purchased new front lights for all the riders that are great as day time running lights. I have been giving them out but want to finish that process on Tuesday. We will eventually have a charging station at the clubhouse, but for now I am asking that kids take them home and charge them. Kids are able to do this with their cell phones so this should not be a big deal. This is a safety matter that we can all benefit from.
First Aid– Riders please always have a bandana ready. I know we have discussed in the past that this simple item can be so versatile and useful out in the field. A bandana and water can do just about everything we need to help in case of an injury while out.
Jerseys– I want to distribute the ACA jerseys to the riders.
ACA– I want to ensure that all riders know their categories and understand the flow for the race series and the day of school that they will have to miss for the Snowflake Race.
Van Etiquette– I need to make sure that all riders understand the rules of being in the vans. Seat belts must be worn, no one is allowed to buy anything at a gas station, no headphones or phones or personal computer devises, we encourage all riders to share in the experience of riding in the vans with the team on both ends of the trip, this also ensures that everyone is helping to load up and pack things away after the race.
If we are able to get through all of this then I would like to get kids out and playing on their bikes. I would enjoy some slow mo, games of foot down, and then see what time we have.
Wednesday August 31st 
No Practice. However if someone could be available to hang out and help the kids tune up their MTB’s that would be super helpful. This could be a great opportunity to allow the kids to get their bikes ready for the season by doing things like getting more sealant into their tires.
Thursday September 1st 
I will be out of town for this day.
David is going to take the lead on this day and take the crew to Himmel Park to have a fun skills day. We really want to focus on high speed turning and contact drills
Friday September 2nd 
David is having his knee surgery and we should all send him our best — that and some grapes and flowers. 
Saturday September 3rd 
Classic Morning road rides. 6am start for everyone other than the kids who do the Old Man.
I would encourage everyone to do a classic route that the kids know well. This will give them a chance to evaluate themselves and to see and assess their progress from the last three weeks. If they have done a good job of taking it easy this week, then we should hope they are excited about how they feel. We want them to get inspired by a great ride on this day where they can see how far they have come.
Tuesday September 6th
I am still out of town for this day and David will have just had his surgery. So we are going to be two coaches down and the only staff coaches on board.
So I need to kindly ask if anyone is willing to step up and take the lead on this practice day? Please let me know if you are comfortable with this.
I would like to see the team head to Himmel Park for 2– 10 minute races. The idea is to get us excited and primed for the races that are coming up over the weekend.
Wednesday September 7th
Another Bike Fix day with no ride. I really want to help the kids get their bikes in the best shape possible. I am available again on this day.
Thursday September 8th 
Openers and Hole Shot practice
Saturday September 10th 
Depart for Flagstaff to enjoy the races
Sunday September 11th 
ACA Race #1