We are moving into week 2 of our build towards the ACA races and consistency is still the most important attribute at this time. So as any coach would I want to see everyone as much as possible. It’s through consistency that we are going to make the gains in this endurance block.
Consistency should be a life goal at this point in everything you do.
Be consistent with your school work and get your work done on time.
Consistency with how you sleep, get to bed on time.
Consistency with how you treat and love your family.
Week 2 Training Plan
Tuesday— mtb endurance ride
Wednesday— 2:30 road ride with Ron. This is for the riders who have been noted for this ride.
4:30. Road endurance ride.
Thursday— mtb endurance
Saturday—5:45 Old man
All other rides start at 6am.
Thank you everyone for your support and kindness.