Holy Smokes Durango was fun.


I want to thank everyone, riders and coaches, for making the trip so memorable and wonderful. We certainly learned and experienced a lot together and really became a team. Its trips like these and the shared experiences that really bring us together and I thank everyone who joined.


Now looking ahead to this fall semester we have the High/Middle School Mountain bike race league to get excited about.


All information for the league can be found here: https://arizonacycling.org/


The first race of the season is on September 11th in Flagstaff, Arizona at Ft Tuthill Park.


That means it is 6 weeks away and I want to help everyone be as ready as they hope to be for these races.


In these next six weeks I really want everyone to focus on consistency at practice. I want everyone to focus on creating a schedule that they will be able to keep for the semester and something they can really commit to.


This week we are going to start slow to allow everyone time to decompress from Durango and to get ready for school.




Tuesday– NO Practice get things ready for school


Wednesday– 7-9 am Road Bike ride endurance pace


Thursday– NO Practice


Saturday– Road Rides

5:45 Old Man

6 am Big Boy

6 am B Team ride


Sunday– NO Practice