I want to thank and congratulate this crew of amazing people for riding to Windy Point yesterday. It was the first time for every youth on the ride. Riding up the mountain takes a ton of courage and I want to say BRAVO to all of them for taking on that challenge. Julian and Kai were also out and almost made it, however we turned around quickly after this picture as we wanted to get out of the fog and stay safe.


We are currently three weeks away from our first ACA MTB race of the season in Flagstaff. You can find all information for the race here:



I hope this gets everyone excited!!!


For the race in Flagstaff we are racing on Sunday therefore we will leave on Saturday morning to head up. Likely at 9am. Campsites sufficient for the racers and support staff have been purchased, however not enough space for extended families. There is a free area to camp at the venue if you are able to come.


Consistency was the attribute we focused on for the last two weeks. I wanted everyone to find consistency in their lives with the start of school. I wanted folks to create a schedule and to try to stick to it, so that details did not fall through the cracks. Creating systems to ensure that everything gets done does not have to quash creativity though. Hopefully it creates space for creativity because the small details have been taken care of. I hope that everyone has developed their plans for this semester and can settle into them and find peace in that process.


I too go through the same thought process and try to ensure that I am being consistent. It is a life long lesson and one we can all continue to grow within.


Now as we are getting closer to the race season, I want us all to think about FOLLOW THROUGH.


It certainly is helpful to create consistency and systems however we have to Follow through with them to make it work. So for the next three weeks lets think about follow through on the plans we have. Lets ensure that we are staying consistent so that we can follow through on plans and thus reach our goals. Reaching your goals does not happen by chance or luck. It happens because you created a plan, stuck to it, and put the work in. So lets follow through on our plans and be ready for the events to come.




Again we are going to focus on Endurance and skills. We are going to focus on getting on good solid rides that allow us to test our skills while mountain  biking and that let us love our breath while road riding. We are taking the long view on this ACA season and trying to ensure we are at our best at the end when the championship race arrives.


Tuesday– MTB endurance


Wednesday– Road Endurance 2:30 and 4:30 start times


Thursday– MTB Endurance


Saturday– Road Rides. 5:45 Old Man and 6am all other riders.


This will be our third week of Endurance training, and hopefully we can add just a touch more.


LIGHTS– Remember front and rear lights are now mandatory at all times while riding.