Race #2 is before us and I hope that bring everyone a lot of excitement.


This is always a funky spot on the calendar as the excitement of the first race is gone and school is no longer new and exciting. We have entered that first lull in the year when things are just real and we have to be persistent to get our work done.


We have to be persistent with our school work and stay on top of things, you all might even be moving into mid term season, so this is an important time of year to ensure that you don’t fall behind.


This will be our theme for the next two weeks– Persistence. We want to really stay on top of what makes us feel good. We want to stay on top of all the little things that we know add up.


Lets remember to stay hydrated all week as we are going back to elevation to race. Proper hydration for race day starts well before race day.

Lets stay on top of our school work so we are not stressed during the week and not too worried about missing school on Friday.

Lets remember to get plenty of good sleep this week, to eat well and just treat ourselves as best as possible.


LIGHTS–All lets keep up the good work and follow through on having our lights on our bikes at all times and remembering to always have them on blink.


Team Snap– I sent an email earlier today in regards to this new communication platform and I hope that everyone is able to start the process of signing up.



Here is the link for the Snowflake Sign Up for the TEAM CAMP Area


As well the league is only able to provide the races through the help of volunteers. I want to strongly encourage us as a team to find a way for us to support the league through this method. All information for volunteering for the races can be found here:



Training Plan


Tuesday– MTB


Wednesday– 2:30 and 4:30 road rides


Thursday– NO PRACTICE. This way you can get caught up on all your school work and be prepared to miss Friday.


Friday — Meet at the clubhouse at 9am and leaving at 10am once we have everything all packed up.

Please use the same packing list for this race and all of the ACA races.


Saturday– We race and then we will be returning late approx. at 8:30pm.