Here we go. Our Fall Semester mountain bike season is in full swing and it is GAME ON.


I want to thank all of the parents who were able to make it to the race and then for being so helpful and supportive. It truly takes the whole village and I thank all of of you who were able to make it.


I also want to ensure that everyone knows how important it is for the race series that they too have volunteers. These races are only possible because of the amazing folks who volunteer to ensure that the riders have a safe experience, so please parents if you are at the races and are able to help volunteer a shift that would be fantastic.


Most important for me is to say thank you to the whole El Grupo Team Family. Thank you to all the racers, parents, coaches, siblings and grandparents who make this such a special experience. My favorite part of the whole weekend was watching all of the riders cheer for each other. I totally appreciated the comradery and friendship that everyone displayed as they cheered and encouraged each other. At the end of this whole Team experience what we will be left with is our wonderful memories and our friendships, so it was beautiful for me to watch everyone support each other.


The support and respect for each other was not just on the playing field. It extended all the way back to camp and I want to thank everyone for being so helpful when it came time to pack up. These team experiences might seem trivial, loading up three vans and trailers with bikes, food, and camping gear, but when 30 riders all work together to accomplish goals it truly creates a unit and a bond that is special.


This is just the start though. That was just the first race. We have 3 or 4 to go. This is a long season and we have to prepare for it mentally and emotionally. At some point it will get tough and you will need to have the support of your community to power through. Lets all be ready to support each other in this.


I also want to challenge everyone to commit to this season and to really follow through with the training plan and to believe in their goals.




We have different groups of riders with different goals so I will talk through the plans before practice.




WEDNESDAY– 2:30 Road Ride with Ron if you typically do this

4:30 road ride


Thursday– MTB


Saturday– TIME CHANGE 6:30 am start for the B team Crew and the Fast Shoot Out Riders.

6:15 am start for the Old Man Riders.



There is also a race opportunity on this day. Information below and please let me know if you would like to attend and if you need a ride.


Kaileen and Eve, alumni and now NAU students, stopped by to say hi and to cheer on their past teammates.


We were able to go 1,2,3,4 in the JV1 boys category.


Amazing young ladies


Watch out for these young men in the near future.