What a fantastic weekend!!


Thank you to all the parents and coaches who were able to make it and for all of your support and kindness.


We certainly made the most of the weekend and I feel super fortunate to have such an amazing support crew.


We are now two races in and I am really happy with everyone’s form at the moment. From the conversations I have had with every rider it seems as though we are happy with the current condition and we are also ready for some more.


So for the next few weeks we will be changing up the training to involve more high intensity work and less endurance. Our endurance base is super strong right now, so now we are going to seek out some extra speed with some solid work outs.


I also want to reiterate that this training model only works if you have super attendance. My hope is that riders are able to find three workouts a week that work for them and their families. Most of the other teams in the league make their practices mandatory and if you do not attend your not able to race. While I want to give my families a bit more flexibility I am also jealous of other coaches at times. So please do your very best to find a schedule that works for you and stick to it.





Tuesday– MTB


Wednesday– 2:30 Gravel Bikes please

4:30 Road Ride


Thursday– MTB


Saturday– Road Rides

Old Man 6:15

Big Kid 6:30

Grupo B and C rides start at 6:30 am.